EPG Setup - EPG Setup guide for Perfect player in Android

Created by: Aaron Michaels

Modified on: Thu, 9 May, 2019 at 12:51 PM

Here is a basic guide for EPG setup on perfect player. 

For Windows, go into Windows perfect player settings, then add your EPG source like in the picture, click the plus icon where the EPG URLs is located.

For Android, go on the Perfect player settings 

Select General 

EPG and write your xml source url 

In Advanced 

Enable channels management mode 

Make one of more groups with the channels you want to paste EPG, once you are through with it, go tot Advanced again. 

Disable Channels management mode

Then, again from Advanced 

Enable EPG Assign mode

Go to the group you created,  to the left side you will view the channels and to the right side the channels from the EPG source you have to then match them. 

Use the right arrow to scroll through the channels, scroll down the EPG channels and press OK to do the matching. Once done with that, go tot Advanced and turn of EPG Assign Mode. Then you will have EPGs on all channels that have been paired. 


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