How can I make Channel requests?

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Modified on: Wed, 15 May, 2019 at 8:31 AM

When you wan to request to add a channel to a package, you can request that channel so other clients see that the request is already reported and being worked on.

Customers van vote-up a request if they would like to see the same channel added to the package. More votes will result in higher priority.

How to search for Channel requests in Community Forum

Step 1

Go to and click Community Forum.

Step 2

Click on Requests and see if the request already exists, If it is a new request, you can select the option "Select a new topic ".

How to report/vote for a Channel Problem.

1. Try to look for a topic where the same channel request is reported. If you see more subscribers requesting the same channel, just click "Like" and make a comment.

2. To make a new topic for your Particular issue

3. Post your request as new topic, like below:

To make a report please follow this format:

Subscription Plan: 
(example: Entry,Forrest, Classic, Premium)


Subscription Plan: 
Polsat Sports FHD PL

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