How can I check my m3u subscription?

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You can check your subscription on the below link;

On this page, there are 2 methods to check your m3u subscription;

Method 1: fill in your Server, Username and Password of the m3u subscription you want to check, all the details can be found in your m3u link

Method 2: an easier way is just to copy the m3u link you have and paste in in the "M3u url" field and click "Check Subscription", the tool will figure out itself what the Server, Username and Password is when you paste the whole link in there.

After clicking on Check Subscription button, be a bit patient as it may take some seconds to about 2 minutes get all the data. When the tool completed the process, you will get an overview like in this example;

The tool shows you the following above details of your subscription, below an explanation of what that means;

Status of your subscription, Active = ok ;)
Allowed formatsm3u8,ts
Supported playback formats
is the entered subscription a Trial or paid subscription (No = paid subscription)
Active connections0# of connections active now
Max connections1# of maximal simultaneous allowed connections
Expire08-06-2019 18:21:24
Shows the expiry date of the subscription

If you in any way encounter a problem with your subscription, check the status wit this tool and see that "Active connections" is 1, that someone is watching, using this particular subscription, right NOW! If the subscription already has an active connection, and you try to connect again, the system will block you and you will indeed encounter problems.

Possible causes:

- you gave your subscription to someone else and he is using it

- you watched the subscription on another device and forgot to end the session (is still open)

If you are sure that you are NOT using the subscription but see activity, we can help you by resetting the password of your subscription. When we do that, you will get a new link and should be aware that you don't share that link to prevent issues in the future.

If you have any issues, let us know and we will absolutely be happy to help you.

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